Front Row Theatre is calling for volunteers


The influence of a beautiful, helpful character is contagious, and may revolutionize a whole town – Collier Graham


At Front Row, we are always looking for volunteers to help.  You don’t have to tread the boards to get involved!

Each production requires a large number of dedicated people each giving a few hours doing a wide variety of things. We can use all sorts of people with all sorts of skills. We need people to sell tickets at the door, people to serve coffee at interval, people to set and operate the lights and people to build sets as well as actors and singers. So, whether you want to try out for our next play or learn to operate our lighting board, contact a committee member and s/he will show you how to get involved.

The benefits of becoming involved are many and varied. You will meet a large number of creative and interesting people, learn new skills and go to some great post production parties! But as every theatre person knows, nothing beats the thrill of watching the curtain open, and seeing a show come to life knowing that you played a part in its production.

Training is available for specialised areas such as set design or stage management.

To get involved or to find out some more information, Contact Us. We would love to hear from you!


Volunteers Wanted

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    6 Responses to “Front Row Theatre is calling for volunteers”
    1. Angela Cheung says:


      I am interested in being a volunteer with you.

      I did a bachelor of fine art at the Queensland College of Art, so i am particularly interested in helping with set design etc. I work as a face painter and at QLD Artworkers Alliance, so I have quite a busy schedule, but would love to get involved in something new and different. If you are looking for help like this, please feel free to contact me either by email or on my mobile phone.

      Thanks – Angela Cheung

    2. Grayden says:

      Thinking of coming back to help out and maybe participate in a small part.

    3. admin says:

      Thanks Grayden. If you fill out the form at we’ll be able to add you to our volunteer register and match you up with a job. We’ll be advertising some auditions soon, so stay tuned.

    4. Julieann Alcorn says:

      Hallo! I have recently moved into the area, and am now single again! I would like to volunteer to assist wherever possible, and am also interested to become involved in acting again. I studied with the Ensemble Theatre in Sydney, was involved in the university theatre group, was a drama teacher, and visual arts is my faute.

      Happy to help wherever needed. Look forward to hearing from you.


    5. Genna says:

      Wanting to volunteer in any way you need!

    6. Grayden says:

      Still need technical helpers?

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