Tuckshop the musical reprised at StageDoor in April

For those of you who enjoyed  TuckShop the Musical,  now is your chance to see it again.  This play is bought to you by Julie Bray & Leah Pellinkhof  – the creative team behind such shows as Hamilton Hall the Musical, Shakespeare’s Girly Bits, My Pet Human and Holding Hands in Public.

Julie and Leah would love your support as they make their first foray into  professional theatre with their new production company “BirlyGits”,  producing the fun and entertaining musical themselves at Stage Door Dinner Theatre in Bowen Hills.  StageDoor has a fabulous, intimate atmosphere and it makes for a great value for money with a delicious three course meal.  Combining this with the hilarious and heartwarming Tuckshop makes for a great evening especially for groups such as office social clubs and Tuckshop groups.

“It’s scary trying to do it yourself, having to invest your own hard earned cash. It’s a great show and we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that the audience will come and pay their hard earned cash to support us and see the show” says Pellinkhof who will once again direct the show.  “We are so appreciative of the support Front Row Theatre and the Front Row audience has given us in the past, and we hope it will continue as we go it alone” adds Bray who also reprises her role as Sam & Bev in the StageDoor season this April.

So head along, tell your friends and support our girls!!!!!!

Tickets can be booked on stagedoordinnertheatre.com.au or by phoning 3216 1115

Tuckshop the musical at Stage Door Theatre.

Tuckshop the musical at Stage Door Theatre.

Tuckshop: The Musical
Tuckshop the musical at Stage Door Theatre.


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