Under Milk Wood

Under Milk Wood

Written by Dylan Thomas

Directed by Rob Allen

Under Milk Wood sits at the culmination of Dylan Thomas’ brilliant, not too long and rather unstable career. Written over a period of ten years the script developed from a short poem, through an action-packed courtroom drama, to the play we have today: a quirky, amusing, touching and at times idyllic picture of a small Welsh fishing town


Dates and Venue

The show ran from May 7 to 28, 2005 and was performed at Hamilton Town Hall.



Rob Allen 1st Voice
Julie Bray 2nd Voice, The Guide Book
Myles Brewster Mog Edwards, Mr Ogmore, Mr Pugh, Lord Cut Glass, Cherry Owen, Old Man
Phil Davison Jack Black, Mr Waldo, Organ Morgan, Nogood Boyo, Willy Nilly, Fisherman
Ruth Fielding-Barnsley Rosie Probert, Mother of Waldo, Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard, Mrs Organ Morgan, Mrs Benyon, Mrs Dai Bread Two, Bessie Bighead
Celia Finter Myfanwy Price, 2nd Neighbour, 3rd Woman, Mrs Utah Watkins, Lily Smalls, Mrs Pugh, Mrs Dai Bread One
John Holt PC Attilla Rees, Utah Watkins, Rev. Eli Jenkins, Mr Benyon, Evans The Death
Linda Novicky Mrs Waldo, Gossamer Benyon, Mrs Willy Nilly, Mae Rose Cottage, Polly Garter, Mrs Cherry Owen
Bernadette Smith 1st Neighbour, Another Mother, 1st Woman, Mary Ann Sailors
Michael Thomas Captain Cat, Mr Pritchard, Ocky Milkman, Dai Bread, Sinbad Sailors, Preacher
Understudy to 1st Voice Kurt A. Lerps
Understudy to 2nd Voice Dale Murison
Morning School voices Emma Cillekens, Madelaine Connop, Sam Goodwin, Charles Powell, Oliver Powell, Jessica Sapwell
Girls Singing Jessie Baldwin, Madison Parker, Kyra Spierings



A PDF of the programme for the show can be found here.



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