The London Blitz Show

The London Blitz Show

Written by XXXX

Directed by Christopher Sargent

Welcome to the Hackney Bomb Shelter. From the moment you arrive to take refuge here the London Blitz Show players will do whatever they can to get you settled and help take your minds off your wartime troubles.

Each character in the show makes a contribution by performing their party pieces. Of course there are subtle and sometimes not so subtle tensions but they are united in their desire to jolly you up.

So get comfortable, join in the fun and don’t wait to be asked, just join in and sing along.


Dates and Venue

The show ran from XXXX to XXXX, 2002 and was performed at Hamilton Town Hall.



Mrs Lola Cuddy Julie Bray
Mr Bert Madden Frank Vandermeer
Mrs Elsie Ford Gay Smith
Mrs Flo Bragg Bernadette Smith
Miss Peggy Jenkins Anita Brown
Mr Terry Johnson Liam Gordon
Master Bobby Ford Matthew Linde
Miss Lucy Somerton Aimee Ebert
Miss Alice Jones Sarah Shaw
Miss Shirley Appleby Walto Walton
Miss Betty Leonard Carissa Dales
Miss Dolly Walker Anna Richardson



A PDF of the programme for the show can be found here.

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