Talking Heads

Talking Heads

Written by Alan Bennet

Directed by Rob Allen and Julie Bray. Special Directorial Assistance by Leah Pellinkhof.

Talking Heads is a classic series of monologues, originally presented on the BBC, by award-winning playwright Alan Bennett. We take two of these, A Lady of Letters and A Chip in the Sugar, and combine them with another Bennett play, A Visit from Miss Prothero, a two-hander, to create an evening with Alan Bennett.


Dates and Venue

The show ran from May 9 to 23, 2009 and was performed at Hamilton Town Hall.



A Visit from Miss Protheroe

Miss Protheroe Julie Bray
Arthur Dodsworth Rob Allen


A Chip in the Sugar

Graham Whittaker Rob Allen


A Lady of Letters

Irene Ruddock Julie Bray



A PDF of the programme for the show can be found here.

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