Macbeth For Wayward Girls

Macbeth For Wayward Girls

Written by Julie Bray, Samantha Lan and Leah Pellinkhof

Directed by Rena Clark

What can performing Macbeth teach a bunch of young offenders? Will it be a Shakespearian version of Sinning for Dummies or will it teach them something positive about themselves? From the team that brought you Shakespeare’s Girly Bits, My Pet Human, Hamilton Hall the Musical and Tuckshop – a rip snorting comedy with a little touch of sin and a big heart…


Dates and Venue

The show ran from August 6 to 27, 2011 and was performed at Hamilton Town Hall.



Pastor Mack McGreedy Joseph Taylor
Beth McGreedy Carita Gronroos
Priscilla Anne Norton-Vannicker (AKA Priss) Natasha Fox
Maxine Prideaux Amelia Batch
Belle Lustrade Charlie Whalley
Sandra “Wednesday” Lothrington Luna Jace
Fiona Roth (AKA Fee) Victoria Wimsett
Mertyl Glutz Sam Lan
Weird Sisters (Mrs Al Ecto) Wendy Bruce
Weird Sisters (Mrs Tisi Phone) Alicia Miller
Weird Sisters (Mrs Hellen Ecate) Steph Varidel
Weird Sisters (Mrs Meg Aera) Bree Jace



A PDF of the programme for the show can be found here.

Note: This file is 2 MB in size.

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