Cards On The Table

Cards On The Table

Written by Agatha Christie

Directed by Dale Murison

In the mode of the radio serial dramas of the 1930’s Front Row Theatre Company brings you CARDS ON THE TABLE.

It is often said that perhaps we are more fascinated by the mind of the criminal rather than the crime itself. What is it that propels a man or woman toward that inevitable conclusion: MURDER?

In this classic Agatha Christie tale a murder is committed during a game of bridge and all the suspects are known at the outset. Each suspect in turn appears both innocent and guilty and how they react and think and even how they play bridge provide clues as to who is the culprit.

So tune in your radio and join us for an elegant night of murder and mystery.


Dates and Venue

The show ran from May 7 to 29, 2007 and was performed at Hamilton Town Hall.



Julie Bray Mrs Ariadne Oliver
Linda Novicky Mrs Lorimer, Miss Burgess
Gabrielle Smith Anne Meredith
Lucia Bee Rhonda Dawes, Doris
Nigel Bell Sound Effects Person, Narrator, Major Bruce Despard
Paul Careless Dr Roberts
Stephen George Supt. Battle
Mark Fell Stage Manager, Shaitana, Sergeant O’Connor, Constable Stephens



A PDF of the programme for the show can be found here.



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