Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Written by Agatha Christie

Directed by Eric Hauff

A country estate…
A stolen secret formula…
A fatal after-dinner cup of coffee…

Famed detective Hercule Poirot has a potent brew of treachery, deception and despair to untangle in order to find the formula and the killer. Confusion and red herrings abound! How will Poirot solve this mystery and reveal the murderer?

In true Agatha Christie style, “Black Coffee” percolates to the end – right to the final sip!


Dates and Venue

The show ran from November 1 to 29, 2008 and was performed at Hamilton Town Hall.


Cast (in order or appearance)

Treadwell William Cook
Lucia Amory Miyuki Lotz
Miss Caroline Amory Bernadette Smith
Richard Amory Kiel Gailer
Barbara Natasha Petzel
Edward Raynor Erik de Wit
Doctor Carelli Wayne D Lyngkuist
Sir Claud Amory Kurt A Lerps
Hercule Poirot John Sayles
Captain Hastings James Sowden
Doctor Graham Julian Addison
Inspector Japp Errol Barnett
Constable Johnson John McLennan



A PDF of the programme for the show can be found here.

Note: This file is 2 MB in size.



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