Bazaar & Rummage

Bazaar & Rummage

Written by Sue Townsend

Directed by Christopher Sargent

Our current play is this hilarious offering from Sue Townsend. Ms Townsend is the author who gave us brilliant Secret Diaries of Adrian Mole. Bazaar & Rummage is the story of a group of agoraphobic women who are convinced by a social worker that they should run a charity rummage sale. Each of the cast has their own version of this malady and each struggles to overcome it for the sake of the sale.


Dates and Venue

The show ran from November 5 to 20, 2004 and was performed at Hamilton Town Hall.



Fliss Jane Ballinger
Bell Bell Michele Williams
Gwenda Rosemary Stride
Katrina Bernadette Smith
Margaret Alison Telfer



A PDF of the programme for the show can be found here.



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