Light in the Hallway

Front Row Theatre presents vocal group EnChord in the upcoming fundraising concert “Light in the Hallway“.

EnChord, a vocal group based on the Redcliffe peninsula, have been singing together for over 6 years. Performing at weddings, caroling at nursing homes & hospitals and leading an annual charity event. EnChord are excited to be back at Front Row theatre for this year’s fundraising concert.

Proceeds from this concert will go to Raw Impact. Raw Impact is an organisation that empowers families at a grass-roots level through innovative and sustainable projects. A wide variety of support is provided, from establishing vegetable gardens, clean water sources, and sustainable housing.

We invite you to come and enjoy an evening of great music and help support this amazing charity.

3rd June at 6:30pm
Hamilton Town Hall, corner of Racecourse Road and Rossiter Parade, Hamilton.

Tickets $15 Concession $12 – Finger foods provided, drinks for sale

Front Row Theatre presents

This kind of love Poster

This kind of love Poster

Balloonacy Returns – Back by Popular Demand!

Have a BLAST these School Holidays at… BALLOONACY

Discover how the power of friendship can turn someone’s life upside down and help them fly to new heights in this fun, exciting and uplifting comedy for the young ones and the young at heart.

Follow the story of a lonely person who is befriended by the unlikeliest of characters; a mischievous red balloon. Together they discover that with acceptance, a little imagination and a LOT of fun, companionship is everywhere.

Sweet, inspired and packed with comedy, Balloonacy will take you on the most heart-warming of journeys these Winter holidays as Front Row Theatre presents their popular and exciting children’s show for kids aged 3 and up.

Performances 5th, 6th, 7th & 9th July at 2pm at Hamilton Town Hall, corner of Racecourse Road and Rossiter Parade, Hamilton.

Tickets $10 (under 2’s are free!) – Group discounts also available.
Bookings at, phone 0499 452 024 or email us at

Balloonacy poster.

Back by popular demand, Balloonacy returns to Front Row Theatre.


For Good

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Growl Theatre presents The Servant of Two Masters

Our friends at Growl Theatre have a new show opening this weekend.

The Servant of Two Masters

Directed by Jason Sharland & Simon Corvan

This will be Growl Theatre’s only show in 2014, due to the renovations of their venue, the Windsor School of Arts. When you enter the hall, you’ll notice some beautiful changes – if you look up!


Truffaldino, a wily servant, has found a way to double his
income – work two jobs for two masters at the same time. What could possibly go wrong?

Hang on.

His first master is actually a woman disguised as a man (who’s dead) come to find her lover (who killed her brother), but now finds herself accidentally betrothed to a girl (who’s engaged to someone else).

His second master is a man (actually a man) who is in love with his first master (who’s really a woman whose brother he actually killed). Nah. What could go wrong?


Show Dates

Friday 29th August
Saturday 30th August
Thursday 4th September
Friday 5th September
Saturday 6th September



7:00pm Doors
7:30pm Show starts


You can purchase tickets from

New Children’s Show – The Treasure Traveller

The Treasure Traveller

Annabella is finding growing up hard enough without her mum making her move to the boring, little town of Banana. If that isn’t bad enough, being made to work at her clumsy uncle’s second hand shop after school makes life even worse. That was until Annabella found a magic book in her uncle’s store, which whisks her away to adventurous worlds. Discovering lands where talking jungle animals roam, ghost pirates feud and the exotic Carnivale never ends, Annabella discovers that maybe life isn’t so hard when you to learn how to have fun.

Written by Julie Bray and Johanna Tough, this exciting new children’s show, The Treasure Traveller, will have you laughing, dancing and singing these September school holidays!

Bookings essential through our booking pageemail or by phoning 0488 011 219.




By Johanna Tough and Julie Bray
Directed by Johanna Tough

Audition: 6:30-9:30pm Wednesday 9th July 2014
Rehearsals: Wednesday & Saturdays to commence 16th July
Performances: 20th September to 4th October (Saturday shows only).
(Dates are subject to change at the producer’s discretion)

We are looking for versatile actors for the 2014 production of THE TREASURE TRAVELLER (a children’s show). The Treasure Traveller takes the audience on an adventure as they follow Annabella into magical places, meeting fun and exciting characters.
All characters require:
• Strong vocals & the ability to sing in character
• Good dance skills.
• Strong teamwork
• Puppeteer skills & ability to play a musical instrument (advantage but not essential)

1. Please prepare one verse/chorus of a song (full song not required). Please bring own backing music or be prepared to sing
a cappella. (Speakers available with iPhone 4 & 5 capability)
2. Please prepare a 2-3min monologue; keeping in mind this audition is for a kids show.
3. There will also be group improv exercises and a cold read from the script.

Female: 18-25yr Character age: 10-12yr
At first Annabella is over confident, spoilt and extremely self-absorbed. Moving to a small country from a private school close to the city she struggles to adjust and has no time for her new classmates. As she goes through the magical journey to far out places she meets characters that help change her perspective on her actions and words and ultimately her outlook on life.
Petite female with the ability to play a young girl. Skills: Singing and dancing.

Uncle Charlie/Ghost Pirate –
Male: 20-30 Character age: 50-60yr
Uncle Charlie, is a caring older man who hasn’t seen Annabella in years. He has opened up his home to help his sister through a divorce taking in her and her daughter Annabella. Uncle Charlie is a kind and considerate man with a touch of clumsy. Uncle Charlie has spent the last 8 years living only with his pet cat Roxy.
Periwinkle Poopdeck (Ghost Pirate puppet), has been sad and lonely on a deserted island so many years. He has fallen out with his fellow Ghost pirate who resides on the other side of the island. He is slow and has given up on trying to scare people.

Male with the ability to play an older man. Skills: Singing, dancing, physical comedy, puppeteer.

Multiple Characters – School Kid/Annabella’s Mum/Okapi (animal creature)/Carnival Character
Female: 20-30
Characters range from a young school girl to a mother and a magical animal.
Okapi, is a zebra-giraffe like animal, extremely confused on her identity. She tries to fit in with the zebras & giraffes but both reject her, she’s an animal that just wants to be accepted. Fun and quirky personality.
Fun, energised actress. Skills: Singing, dancing, physical theatre.

Multiple Characters – School Kid/Roxy the Cat/ Ghost Pirate/Carnival Character
Male: 20-30
Characters range from a young school boy to a Ghost pirate to a cat and a carnival character.
Roxy the cat lives with Uncle Charlie – does not speak but has very expressive miaows.

Barnacle Breath Billy (Ghost Pirate puppet), has been sad and lonely on a deserted island so many years. He has fallen out with his fellow Ghost pirate who resides on the other side of the island. He is angry and hates people who try to steal his treasure.

Fun, energised actor. Skills: Singing, dancing, physical theatre.

Please email CV and headshot to
Applications must be received before 5pm Monday 7 July 2014
All queries in the first instance may be directed to:

New Show – Front Row Follies



From enthralling comedy and musical performances to World War II romance, Front Row Follies kicks off 2014 with a night of theatre to be seen by all and to be missed by none.
With help from our musical guests EnChord, we will present to you four short plays, written, directed and performed by local Brisbane talent, each ready to take you on a journey through the different genres and styles of theatre.

Les Anglais (The English)
Playwright: Mitch Broom
Director: Gene Smith

It’s the year 1940, and World War II has spread throughout the globe. William and Genevieve find themselves evacuated to the British countryside, and though they are safe from the war, they are not safe from the feelings they begin to develop for each other.

Playwright: Vivien Whittle
Directors: Mirjana Ristevski, Michael McNally, Crystal Arons

Life seems sweet until you realise everyone’s into boys except you and no- one else loves Xena: Warrior Princess… A one-woman show about how liberating life can be if you have the courage to let it.

Playwright: Julie Bray
Director: Gene Smith

Marlene is spending the early hours of her 30th birthday cleaning a theatre with her colleague, Audrey. Marlene doesn’t have any extravagant plans for her special day, however Audrey does…

Playwright: Paul Hannah
Director: Gene Smith

It’s a bright and chirpy Tuesday morning at the cemetery when long-time widow June and newly widowed Mandy meet for the first time. As they talk about their lives and tribulations, a friendship begins to form. Meanwhile, the ghosts of their late husbands get up to some mischief of their own.


Front Row aims to continue this Showcase as a yearly event, in which people from the Brisbane community are invited to come forward and offer their writing and/or performing talents in a chance to put their work on display for all of Brisbane to see.

Bookings essential through our booking pageemail or by phoning 0488 011 219.


We’re proud to announce our next production, Bump, will be opening on Saturday 2nd November at 7:30pm.

Bump is a hilarious insight into how a theatre group deals with “bump in” and “bump out” of a play with crazy actors, ditzy directors and egotistical writers. Who will get bumped off? Who’s the killer and will the show go on? Find out in the world premiere of this outrageous new play.

Fans of Agatha Christie will love Leah Pellinkhof and Julie Bray’s light hearted take on the murder mystery genre.

Leah and Julie are the team behind Front Row shows like My Pet Human, Hamilton Hall the Musical, Tuckshop, Macbeth for Wayward Girls and Holding Hands in Public.

Bookings essential through our booking page, email or by phoning 0488 011 219. All tickets now $15.


Tuckshop the musical reprised at StageDoor in April

For those of you who enjoyed  TuckShop the Musical,  now is your chance to see it again. Read More